Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Firstbeat - Lifestyle Assessment @Firstbeatinfo

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Leading on from my last post I decided to understand what my "base" was in terms of "lifestyle" and then improve it. Whilst its great having these fitness bands, if there is no reference point for your fitness level, then how do you where to improve. It's almost like Alice in Wonderland if you don't know where you are going any road will take you there.

Anyway, I digress...

I was looking for a company or product that would not just measure heart rate, or simply count steps, but something that would be able to provide me with a very detailed view of my "lifestyle", one that would capture activities and sleep.

I discovered a great Finnish company that specializes in fitness and lifestyle called Firstbeat and they have a whole host of different products aimed at fitness.

To be honest this has got to be the most comprehensive range of fitness/lifestyle product and service I have ever seen.!

Within the range of products and services was a "Work and Well being - Lifestyle Assessment" aimed at improving your work/life balance, but also capturing your work out activities.

The assessment service covers all these points:

Seems that will tick all of my boxes and more.!

I signed up to the assessment and I must comment here that from my first contact with Firstbeat, the emails I had with the CEO, the subsequent assessment and debrief their conduct was impeccable. My only wish would be that more companies were this receptive and customer orientated like Firstbeat.!

OK, so I signed up and was send a great info pack containing the Body Guard 2 heart sensor that I had to wear for three days, an online questionnaire and reporting tool.

The assessment is conducted over three days, one of which is a rest day so Thu/Fri/Sat or Sun/Mon/Tue, I chose the later as I knew that on this week it would capture a very typical set of activities with family and work.

The Body Guard 2 sensor itself is a two part affair with one part below the heart and the other close to the right shoulder blade. This must aid the collection of data that shows not only heart rate, but physiological changes in your body so that stress and physical activity is captured.

So with questionnaire completed and the Body Guard 2 fitted I started the three day assessment period.

I will save the new post to reveal the three days and then the all important results :-)


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