Monday, 19 August 2013

Misfit Shine - The honeymoon is over

Hi all

I had planned to have a nice roll out of posts over the next few days, going through both Jawbone UP and Misfit Shine: what was in the box, set up, use, supporting app and general feedback...

...however after only 11 days the Misfit Shine is now a dead piece of metal.

But before any ranting. let's go back a few months.

As soon as read that the Misfit Shine was waterproof and that you could use it for tracking swimming I knew I had to have one. OK, it's only working on iOS - I can handle that. You could have told me it was made out of unobtainium and cost a fortune - I still wanted this "bad boy".!

So order placed and I took delivery on the 7th August from the FedEx guy. All was good, all was very good :-)

Over these past 11 days I have suffered with the Misfit Shine, I will put myself out and say this device is woefully inadequate, in the following areas:

  1. Inaccurate
  2. User Interface (UI)
  3. Software

I will post on each of these areas so you get the full picture.

However all this was eclipsed when this morning when I went to sync my Misfit and it turned out the app on the iPad and logged itself out.

So I went to log in with my credentials only to be informed that my details were incorrect, but that's not a problem as I could retrieve the password. Which you would think would be easy..!!

You receive an email and click on the link that opens a Safari window... and guess what nothing happens. I actually tried this four times and got the same result every time. What do they say about repeating the same action and hoping for a different outcome - Genius?

So I just happen to test it out on the PC and I was taken to one of those "warning pages" where the location is not trusted, obviously Safari was blocking this. So downloaded and installed Chrome and repeated clicking the link. This time I was able to get to the site and then reset my password. Nearly there I thought.

Signing in back into the app I was asked my details and then to sync the Misfit Shine... when I did this I was informed that my device was locked to another account and it had to unlinked. I was nearly in tears at this stage.!

So now I have a completely dead Misfit Shine and if I don't get a reply from their customer service this "bad boy" is going back for a full refund.

I'm not sure how many people are reporting stuff to Misfit, but I logged an email with them on the 16th and got number 25975 and today (18th) logged another with the number 27240, which means in 2 days they got a little over 1200 emails... hopefully not all moaning like me :-)

Real shame this post is a bit negative, but lets hope I get some feedback from Misfit tomorrow.

Next post will be about the Jawbone UP

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  1. Pretty much the same experience I have had with the Shine. Customer service is either EXREMELY busy, a bad sign or supported by one over worked lonely soul. Lots of promise but they are already killing their reputation and it has been less than a month. Sending mine back.