Thursday, 9 January 2014

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I saw this via one of the twitter gang its a new (smaller) start up called Kiwi Wearables, their activity tracker is rather like Misfit Shine, i.e. you wear it on your collar and not as a wrist wearable BUT its much more than that.

Digging deeper the folks at Kiwi are looking to capture all sorts of data from the sensor, it connects to the internet, has a temperature sensor, sleep quality and users voice.

This defo breaks the mold for what we have seen this week - standard activity trackers stand aside.! If these passionate folk at Kiwi Wearables read this right they may just gain a lot of momentum.

They have already been showing this off at hackathons and believe it or not how to use it to make music.!!! So getting this into the hands of the hackers could really see a huge amount of development on their $99 wearable.

Its a bit hard to pick up any hands on with the device, but this is what I have found so far:

Huff Post video

Tech Crunch


PC Mag

Toronto Tech

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