Sunday, 25 August 2013

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So enough blogging about Customer Services, let's actually start the comparison of these "Wearable Smart Devices":

The three I are testing are the following:

Jawbone Up Since June 2013
Misfit Shine Since July 2013
Fitbit Flex Since August 2012

Short history: Smart devices (Windows Phones, iPhones & Android) are a mass consumer product and have the ability to play music and capture your GPS position. This capability led to a plethora of "Tracking Apps" that monitored positioning info, speed and most offered the ability to measure heart rate. If you have all these you can easily determine the amount of calories burned.

However it is not really advisable to use these apps just to collect calories burned, since running the GPS all day would eat your battery of your device. So how could you capture the basic calories burned data and do in it such a way?

Enter the Wearable a Smart Devices. These are small devices that measure movement, if you can measure movement you can break this down into steps covered, calories burned and sleep.

Each one of the devices I have has its merits and drawbacks. To get you started here is a nice comparison between Jawbone UP and Fitbit Flex:

Comparison: Jawbone UP & Fitbit Flex

Detailed comparisons in the next post

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