Thursday, 9 January 2014

#CES2014 The rest of the rest #wearables

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Looks like the launches have all happened, so just collecting the ones that are not the A listers.

Movea have launched (for developers only) an activity tracker G- Series, claiming it to be the "world’s most accurate and energy efficient multisport wristband". Which if this is to be true is a major milestone. I know after using Fitbit flex I am aghast at how bad it is tracking some activities.!

Whether or not this sees the light of day remians to be seen.. certainly a late starter to the wearables arena

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Another wearable is the kickstarter project by Neptune, the Pine. Featuring a huge display this SmartPhone, SmartWatch, GPS tracker, 5Meg Camera (VGA front), 32Gig storage, music playing thing - running Driod Jelly bean.


My only observation it that it is not waterproof :-)

This really is the Swiss penknife of smart watched... make one wonder if all that tech is really needed by the average Joe.

Youtube video here

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