Monday, 4 November 2013

@adidas_miCoach #SmartRun available

Hi all

The much anticipated Smart Watch from Adidas is now available for purchase:


At 400€ this is a serious investment compared to the Fitbit, Jawbone & Polar Loop of the world.

Product info direct from the purchase page:

Slip it on and step it up. The miCoach SMART RUN delivers an advanced, intuitive blend of coaching and performance data designed to help serious runners maximize training every time you lace up your shoes. Clean and simple, it delivers a strapless continuous heart rate, GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, wireless music player, WLAN and a colour touch screen. (In order to activate, use and update this product, a PC or Mac, an internet connection via WiFi and a miCoach User account are required. In addition, the acceptance of the Legal & Privacy Terms and Warranty Information is required.)
  • Real-time cardio coaching with miCoach training plans created by elite coaches; Animated strength and flexibility training; Customisable training data screens; Workout review; Watch and timer function; 4GB memory for music and data
  • Coaching delivered via visual messages; For audible coaching and music a wireless headset is sold separately
  • Fully integrated strap-free heart-rate sensor; GPS-based speed, distance, cadence and route; Single-button user interaction; Invisible sync to for automatic updates; miCoach SMART RUN requires internet access over WLAN for initial setup and data sync
  • Display: 1.45” full colour transflective TFT LCD, 184px x 184px touch screen; Battery: 410mAh lithium ion, charging time max 4 hrs
  • Usage: Training mode (1 second data & music) up to 4hrs; Marathon mode (5 seconds data) up to 8hrs; Casual mode (watch only) up to 14 days
  • Materials: Soft touch silicon strap, stainless steel bezel, buckle and detailing, magnesium backplate; Weight: 2.8 ounces
If Adidas want to drop a test unit in the post feel free to contact me :-)


Sunday, 3 November 2013

#Fitbit Force launched by @fitbit

Hi all

Slightly behind the times here :-(

Anyway Fitbit are launching a great new product called the Force

On first inspection:

- It has a better display showing more contextual info: steps, time etc etc
- Logs stairs climbed (a nice new feature)
- Advanced techie stuff that is meant to be better at recording YOUR info

It does however come at a cost and sacrifices the waterproofness of the device. So if you are a swimmer like me I doubt if you will be upgrading to the Force :-(

Notifications (like we need more of them) will be available very soon.

This plus all the features and functions you would have seen/used with Fitbit

First reaction - meh?