Friday, 30 August 2013

Update to @MisfitWearables Shine - Improved accuracy

Hi all

Misfit Shine received the 1.0.2 update earlier this week that included a MOST welcome improved accuracy for swimming and bike rides.

I had mentioned earlier that the accuracy was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out when it comes to swimming. Within the app it claims that a 25 min swim would give you 1000 points, in reality you got the following:

34 mins = 146 points
42 mins = 171 points

Anyway since the 1.0.2 update a 32 min swim now gives you: 563.

Still not the 1000 points I am after, but a huge improvement from 146..!!

Props to Shine for getting this out, but a few more tweaks to go before you can say this is accurate.

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