Saturday, 17 August 2013

Open for business.!

Hi all

Thought I will kick off with an introduction.

I'm Dean, work for Nokia Music and apart from music and sports, I also love to dabble with techiestuff.

I would say the first time all these things (Music + Sports + Gadgets) came together was with Sports Tracker on the Nokia Symbian devices back in the day when Jussi Kaasinen kicked it all off in 2010.

Always been a user and promoter of is service as it was so easy to use: great performance with my Nokia device (Nokia 700) with Music and GPS and just simple to use.

However in the past few years companies and app developers alike have been falling over themselves to develop apps on smart devices. From the heavy weights that support cross platform app: Endomondo, Polar etc. through to the bedroom developer and the simplest of GPS apps.

OK, so I thought I should better check out some of the "New Kids On The Block", but instead of testing just apps (software), I thought lets jump right in and test some of this new fangled hardware.

Yes, I'm talking: Jawbone Up and the MisFit Shine.!

I'll leave the 1st post there and post on the Jawbone Up in the next post. I aim for at least one post a day :-) (lets see how long that lasts LOL...)

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