Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Customer Service - @FitbitSupport @MisfitWearables

Hi all

Ok, been using the wearables and thought I would look into replacement bands - as I don't see these lasting for very long.


Fitbit have three cool colours of bands... but do you think you can order them.?!?!?!?

Think again, Unless you live in the good ole US of A you are stuff. So I wonder how I can get them here is Sunny Finland. Its the "after sales service" like this can make or break a device. If I cannot get replacement bands and my one breaks that is it - GAME OVER.


Also the Misfit shine I have worn exclusively on the sportsband I have worn the band as i don't really like the clasp it comes with and feel I will loose it.

Ok the band is ok, but its not for every day use.  Even after 4 weeks (and thats plenty of swimming pool visits) I feel its going to break. And if it does then I bet I will loose the Shine.

So I think I should get a replacement, they are only $19.99... but on check out they slap a $25 postage fee.

I'm NOT paying $44 for a rubber band. So should the band fail me the Misfit Shine will get lost, NEVER to be replaced.

#Jawbone, this is where you could take a leadership position.!

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